Here at Punk Rock Flea Market, we dare to throw caution to the wind - which has its benefits, but also has it's drawbacks. We have a Punk Rock Rock Flea Market scheduled for December 16 & 17, but the location of the market...? That remains somewhat mysterious.

Here's what we can say for now: The PRFM will blaze into life in central Seattle on the last weekend before Christmas. It will be big, it will be family friendly, and it will take place somewhere warm and dry where they share our spirit of adventure.

The market OPENS to the public on Saturday December 16 and Sunday December 17. Vendors can commit to one or both days, noon to 10:00 on Saturday and noon to 5:00 on Sunday

Plus live music, bottled music, the BEST BAR in Seattle, and all kinds of weirdness on display.

Everyone of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes is welcome and just $1 gets you in the door. DO NOT MISS THIS!