The sun has returned! The masks are optional! The PRFM is BACK IN ACTION in TACOMA, WA for the VERY FIRST TIME! On May 28-29 2022, we're bringing our patented blend of bargains, bands and booze to the welcoming environs of ALMA near downtown Tacoma! There will be weirdness and wonder for all ages, sugary snacks for the kids, alcoholic drinks for the grown ups, and LIVE MUSIC for the first time since 2017!

All that's missing is YOU and your RIGHTEOUS STUFF for SALE! 

100+ vendors are invited to sell pretty much everything that our discriminating public needs. We're talking clothes, music, crafts, art, food, sneakers, skateboards, bondage gear, prosthetic limbs, bike parts, hardware, graffiti supplies, snake oil, droids, and untold riches of punk rock paraphernalia. 

We have a few reasonable limits on what can be sold at the PRFM, which you can see here:

 10x10 Vendor spaces cost $100 for both days or $75 for any one day.

6 x 6 "zine alley" spaces, suitable for zines, stickers and other small things, cost $50 for both days or $35 for one day.

We also have space for 4 food trucks at $100 per day.

Reserve and pay for your space by clicking on the links below, add your information, send your money, and we'll see you at the Punk Rock Flea Market!


We'll send complete details on set up and loading once your vending spot is confirmed. Please contact with any questions!