ALL Vending spaces for the April 29 & 30 PRFM at Seattle Center are SOLD OUT!

You can still get on our wait list by sending an email to with the word "waitlist" in the subject.
Okay? Okay.
For Confirmed vendors:
First and foremost - WHERE'S MY VENDING SPACE AT?!?!
The vendor maps for the upcoming show at Seattle Center are right here.
All vendors spaces are assigned ahead of time. If you haven’t yet done it, tell us your space preferences – if you want to be against a wall or near a friend or close to the stage, etc. Tell us now if there’s something we should know. If you don’t have a preference we’ll just put you in the best spot we can. And it’s FINE if you want to swap spaces once you get there. We’re doing this as a way to cut down on the chaos, but it’s still the PRFM and we still encourage you to sort out any space issues by talking to your neighbors and cutting deals.
Load in is set for the evening of Friday April 28 and morning of Saturday April 29, with exact details yet to be determined. People can park on 1st Ave. 
 We will light and electrify the place as much as possible with our limited funds but please bring your own lights, extension cords, multi-plugs and any infrastructure you need to make your booth a success. Plan to bring your own tables! We have a handful of tables to lend out, but you MUST make arrangements with us ahead of time. And of course bring your own display equipment. 
 We have stickers and flyers if you want them – just send a note -  and we will send press releases and place a bunch of ads, but the success of this event truly depends on getting the word out! Tell everyone you know that the Punk Rock Flea Market just gets better and better. Remind them that we have incredible stuff for sale, a good cheap bar, a line up of remarkably entertaining DJs, Live music, and it still costs just ONE DOLLAR to get in.