Vendor spaces for December are SOLD OUT!

On December 15-18 2022 the PRFM blasts open the doors at THIRD and UNION, SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE of DOWNTOWN SEATTLE,  in the space formerly known as Bartell Drugs.  It’s an incredible space for a flea market with a huge floor, lofty ceilings, hidden corridors, and an overwhelming ambience of “anything can happen!” Mark your calendars NOW for four days of excessive weirdness and wonder, loud music, strong drinks, and all those awesome people you have not seen in AGES.

The space at 1402 Union St. will fit about 100 vendors at a time, and we’re expecting each of the four days to feature a different mix of stuff for sale. Vendors are welcome to sell clothes, music, crafts, art, food, sneakers, skateboards, bondage gear, tattoos, imported knickknacks, electronics, taxidermy, prosthetic limbs, soap, crystals, bike parts, hardware, graffiti supplies, snake oil, droids… we’re very open, though we have a few reasonable limits on what can be sold at the PRFM, which you can see here:


This is a FOUR-DAY event. Thursday December 15 3:00 – 9:00PM; Friday December 16 3:00 – 9:00PM; Saturday December 17 Noon-to-9PM and Sunday December Noon-to-6PM. Vendors can choose to sell on any days, but they must be consecutive days. The entire venue is secure, and there WILL be security overnight.

Vendor spaces for December are SOLD OUT!

 Please contact with any questions!