What is the Punk Rock Flea Market?
From humble beginnings in a burnt-out Belltown basement, the Punk Rock Flea Market has grown into a living breathing organism with ideas of its own. Several times each year vendors from around the region converge on our subterranean strip mall with all manner of treasures. Dozens (sometimes hundreds!) of peddlers pile into a temporary location to sell an enormous variety of arts, crafts, music, comic books, bike parts, painted rocks, graffiti supplies, jewelry, vintage clothing, stereo equipment, snake oil, droids, and untold riches of punk rock paraphernalia. A combination police auction and neighborhood swap meet in Andy Warhol's garage.
When does it happen: 

The PRFM is nomadic, moving place and time as circumstances dictate. At the moment we have three PRFM's scheduled - Seattle on April 1 & 2, 2023, and two in Tacoma over Memorial Day & Labor Day weekends 2023.

By the way, we are ALWAYS interested in large new spaces willing to host the PRFM. If you've got some ideas, don't be shy about sharing them! 

How do I become a vendor? 
It’s very easy. As soon as we have secured a venue for the PRFM and figured out how many vendors will fit we release a call to the public. There are a few reasonable guidelines on what you can sell (see here:  https://www.punkrockfleamarketseattle.com/pages/guidelines). Anyone who pays the vending fee or commits to a volunteer shift and agrees to abide by our guidelines is welcome to sell their stuff. For more details on becoming a vendor, visit our vendor page here: VENDORS

Or if you want to volunteer, check this page out: VOLUNTEERS

Can I bring my kids:
Yes! The Punk Rock Flea Market is always open to all ages! Bring your kids! Bring your grandma! Bring the whole damn crew!
Does it cost to get in?
Our low price of admission has never wavered. It costs just ONE DOLLAR to enter the Punk Rock Flea Market.
What if I’m not Punk Rock?
The name “Punk Rock Flea Market” has more to do with the DIY spirit of the event than it does with any particular lifestyle or music. We are a loose and creative bunch of artists, activists, and anarchists of every color, gender, race and class. We don’t have a lot of rules and we like it that way. If you want to come play, then you are punk enough for us.
What’s the deal with LIHI?
The PRFM began as a fundraiser for the Low Income Housing Institute, or LIHI, a non-profit organization that provides homes for homeless and low-income people all around the Puget Sound. We are an independent operation these days, but we still have a strong relationship with this great organization. They provide fiscal sponsorship, and we make a significant financial contribution to their work after every market. More info about them at www.lihi.org.