I'm Selling at the PRFM!

On December 8, 9  & 10 the PRFM brings it HOME for HOLIDAZE. Three days of gifts, grub and grooves Friday December 8 – Sunday December 10. Where else but Nii Modo, 3rd and Union in downtown f’kin Seattle.

Vendor spaces cost $200 for all three days, $150 for two days and $100 for a single day. If you're trading labor for booth space TALK TO US at prfleamarket@gmail.com.

This link is ONLY for vendors who were selected through our application process! If you found your way here but were NOT already approved to sell at the PRFM please get in touch at prfleamarket@gmail.com and we will add you to the waitlist for when additional spaces open up.

AND NOTE: the City of Seattle charges us to hold sales events. We don’t like it, but there’s no way around it. If you already have a City of Seattle business license, you’re good! Just send us your license number. If you DON'T have a license, and don't want one, you can select the item called “Seattle Vendor Tax” which adds $10 per vending day to your cart. Make sure you add the correct number of days. If you don’t have a license or pay the vending fee, you can’t sell with us!