Vending – Day of Info

Vendors –  Please Read Carefully for day of information about load-in and vending spots

Loading In and Your Spot at the Market

  • We are going to try to LOAD as much as we can into the building on Friday night before the market. We are going to open the doors for loading at 2:00 PM that day, and will keep the building open until 9:00 PM. People can park on the street and in the lower level parking lot during. We can load right off the street or there are stairs and a freight elevator we can use. You are STRONGLY encouraged to come on Friday, load in and set up as much as you can, and come back on Saturday ready to go. PLEASE try not to drive to Capitol Hill on Saturday of you can help it! Parking is gonna be a MESS. Take the lightrail that stops not far from the venue, ride a bike, or get dropped off. If you MUST drive and unload on Saturday we will have access to the basement loading dock all day, but you CANNOT leave your car there.
  • Load out on Sunday will be much easier. If you are NOT planning to sell on Sunday, we will have a secure space in the basement of the building where you can breakdown and store all of your goods until Sunday. We will also have a second load out day on Monday 6/27 for people who need it.
  • If you MUST load out on Saturday, we will make a plan with you.
  • For the first time ever we are ASSIGNING spaces to our vendors. This should make load-in a bit easier, and there won’t be any need to bum rush the doors on Friday night to save your spot.
  • It’s FINE if you want to swap spaces once you get there. We’re doing this as a way to cut down on the chaos, but it’s still the PRFM and we still encourage you to sort out any space issues by talking to your neighbors and cutting deals.
  • We don’t refund if you don’t show up.
  • We try to light and electrify  the place as much as possible with our limited funds but please bring your own lights, extension cords, and multi-plugs and any infrastructure you need to make your booth a success.
  • The market is open on Saturday from noon to 10pm and Sunday from noon to 5:00 PM. Our experience is that the vendors who stick around until the end make more money but it is not required. You can leave when you’ve had enough, when you’re sold out, or when your date arrives.

As always please use the contact us page with any questions.