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They said we were getting too big for our britches, and we proved them right! Seattle’s best damn flea market has moved into a BIGGER, BETTER and BALLSIER location. Now located in the Central District’s defunct post office, and with more vendors than ever, we are going to stuff your stocking like never before!

The best Punk Rock Flea Market THAT EVER HAPPENED burns the beard off holiday shopping on December 13th, from noon to 10pm at the newly christened “Punk Rock Post Office” on the corner of 23rd Ave. & Union St.

Since 2006 the Punk Rock Flea Market has been proud to be Seattle’s least predictable and best-loved flea market. This Hannukah brings the largest PRFM ever with 90 peddlers, canvassers, cheapjacks, and solicitors spread out across the wide open spaces of the Punk Rock Post Office to sell an unheard-of variety of arts, crafts, comic books, belt buckles, bike parts, jewelry, vintage clothing, fine furniture, stereo equipment, jams and jellies, bras and panties, cakes and cookies, tools, magazines, records, musical instruments, zippo lighters, walking shoes, smoking accessories, and untold riches of punk rock paraphernalia.

A range of food options from healthy to near-deadly are available, and DJ Boo Berry plays music from open until close. Plus the PRFM remains an ALL AGES event, welcoming kids, grandparents, distant cousins and well behaved dogs. Add a rock bottom entry fee of just ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR and you have no reason NOT to go!

Despite leaving our cozy Belltown home, the Low Income Housing Institute, aka LIHI, remains our proud patron and our blessed beneficiary. Once expenses are covered, all additional proceeds go to LIHI, a non-profit organization that builds homes for homeless and low-income people all around the Puget Sound.


Still got a question? Drop us a line via the contact button up above and Join the mail list by sending an email to:  PRFleamarket@gmail.com