You may not believe this, but Seattle’s PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET will be BIGGER and BADDER than ever on Saturday August 29, 2015! You can quote me on that.

Check this out: We are once again at our fantastic new digs in the Central District, in the Punk Rock Post Office at the corner of 23rd and Union. But this time around we will have 150 vendors INSIDE and OUTSIDE the building, selling their stuff at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME! We’re squeezing 80 vendors inside the old post office, 70 outside in the parking lot that surrounds the building, plus bar, food, and TWO kickin’ DJ’s – DJ Port-A-Party and DJ BooBerry! In other words: IT’S ON!

Here’s what hasn’t changed: there are NO LIMITS on what can be sold. The PRFM is a full on flea market with everything from music and clothing, to furniture, computers, stereo equipment, handmade apparel, shoes, vegan treats, porn, housewares, info from nonprofit groups, books, art, taxidermy, bikes, pet costumes, skateboards and whatever else we can fit into the space. Our “Punk Rock” name refers as much to the DIY spirit of the event as it does to any particular music or lifestyle.

We are going to open the market at noon and keep it open until 10:00 pm. The PRFM is an ALL AGES event. Bring the kids, bring your Mom, bring the whole damn crew. And even though this may BOGGLE SOME MINDS it costs just ONE MEASLY DOLLAR to get in!

Still got a question? Drop us a line via the contact button up above and Join the mail list by sending an email to:  PRFleamarket@gmail.com

No messing around, this is going to be EPIC.