The Punk Rock Flea Market is back in business!

Since our rapid retreat from the Lusty Lady building we’ve had a team of expert dumpster divers scavenging the city for a venue that could host the PRFM and do it FAST.

The back-from-the-ashes PRFM is going to be at the old Value Village store on Capitol Hill (now known as V2) on 11th Avenue between Pike and Pine streets. It’s a fantastic location, a beautiful space with lots of lights and many WORKING TOILETS, and probably some of the best foot traffic in the whole city.

The date is set for Saturday and Sunday June 25 and 26. We are back to single weekend, but we are expanding the market to 2 days. The market will be open on Saturday from noon to 10:00 PM, and on Sunday from noon to 5:00 PM.

And despite the unexpected interruption, we are 100% back on track and picking up right where we left off.  We are finding space for every vendor who committed to the May markets at the Lusty Lady.  We are NOT currently accepting applications for vendors! Once we hear back from the vendors who lost their spots at the Lusty we will likely have a handful of vending spaces available, which we will open up to the usual first-come first-served process.

Last bit of info for now – We put ourselves in a bit of financial hole at the Lusty Lady. The money we spent on building supplies, on printing, on permits and insurance is gone forever. For the first time ever, vendor fees alone won’t quite cover expenses so we are going to have a small fundraiser for the PRFM. In a matter of days we’re going to have sweet PRFM T-shirts and patches for sale, designed by our friend and co-conspirator C.M. Ruiz. Please think about buying one and wearing your PRFM colors with pride.

Drop us a line via the contact button up above and Join the mail list by sending an email to:  PRFleamarket@gmail.com