The Seven Seas Building – aka “The Lusty Lady” – has been deemed unsafe by order of the Seattle Fire Marshall. This is more than just a matter of bad signage or not enough fire extinguishers – they found structural damage that affects the whole building, and they’ve determined that there is no safe way to bring the public into the space.

So what does this mean to us? All of the events scheduled for the “Lusty Lady” in May are cancelled. This includes both weekends of the Punk Rock Flea Market. We are scrambling to find another space, but it is NOT going to happen in time for May 7 or May 28.

We’ve got feelers out all over the City looking for a new space. Or maybe you know of the perfect space? At least 5000 SF with working toilets, parking, and CHEAP? If you have an idea, please don’t keep it to yourself.

Drop us a line via the contact button up above and Join the mail list by sending an email to:  PRFleamarket@gmail.com